Eye-catching nail art is at the forefront of celebrity style. From animal print and exotic flowers to famous faces and holiday themes, nail art has become the semi-permanent accessory of the year. Now, Tat’z Nail’zTM image system is revolutionizing the industry, taking nail art and nail salons to the next level.

Tat’z Nail’zTM image system is the newest technology trend in the nail industry. In just  seconds, Tat’z Nail’zTM can print any image, design, or logo on any artificial or natural fingernail. Accompanied by preparation and top coat application, a set of Tat’z Nail’zTM can be fully completed within fifteen minutes, providing salons with the ability to complete four full Tat’z Nail’zTM applications in just one hour. Each Tat’z Nail’zTM System is pre-programmed with 3,000 designs and each design has 10 color options for a total of 30,000 pre-installed prints, patterns, and colors. Tat’z Nail’zTM also allows consumers to print their own digital images on their nails, for personalized style that can keep up with the trends.

* The duration of Tat’z Nail’z will depend on the type of top coat used. You may use traditional top coat, or for longer lasting wear a gel top coat may be incorporated into the service.

*Tat’z Nail’z will auto-zoom and adjust to fit any nail size and shape. Tat’z Nail’z is operated by a trained salon professional/nail tech. The professional will be able to make any necessary changes to customize more specifically.

*Tat’z Nail’z can be programmed to print on any part of your nail using a special feature that allows scaling, stretching and widening.

*The Tat’z imager can be used in a salon, a home business or since it only weighs 50 pounds it can be a mobile business!

*Tat’z Nail’z will increase productivity of nail salons as designs only take seconds, giving nail technicians time for more clients.

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