Tat'z Imager Nail Printer

Introducing the Tat’z Imager Nail Printer!

Tat’z Nail’z nail art is a revolutionary way to express yourself—it allows YOU to become a nail artist!

Imagine your nail salon business offering nail art up-sells–more than just shellac and acrylics. Your nail salon clients can choose from color-customizable nail art that any nail technician can apply to nails–both acrylic and natural! Perhaps clients want to put a photo on their nail, or perhaps a team logo…DONE! With the incredible breakthrough in nail art technology, the Tat’z Imager Nail Printer can change the way your nail salon does business…and for more profit!

Pre-printed designs included

nail printer with embellishments

Your nail salon clients can choose from over 3,000 pre-printed designs to create stunning, awe-inspiring nail art that will make your salon–and nail technicians–stand out. Want even more? Add embellishments, glitter, and more to create a totally custom look. Don’t just get a manicure, transform your nails with a Tatzicure!

Front-facing camera for more possibilities

black Tat'z Imager Nail PrinterWith the Tat’z Imager Nail Printer, the possibilities are truly endless for your clients. Have clients who want to cheer for their children’s sports team? Bring the logo to your nail salon and your nail artist or nail technician can upload it to the Tat’z Imager Nail Printer to create a set of unique nails! Perhaps your client has a photo she’s taken? Upload it to the Tat’z Imager Nail Printer for a truly custom look! Perhaps your client wants to accent fabric in an outfit–like a wedding dress or formal dress. They simply bring their design and let the Tat’z Imager Nail Printer capture it with its built-in camera…and let your nail technician bring it to life!

Print on any fingernail surface

nail printer prints on any fingernail surface

Natural nail, shellac, gel, or acrylic…the Tat’z Imager Nail Printer can print on any fingernail surface, size, and shape—all because the Tat’z Imager Nail Printer allows your nail technician to adjust for each client’s individual needs. Many clients want just 2-6 nails as nail art, so nail technicians are able to use glow-in-the-dark, glitter, embellishments, and more to create a fashionable, unique hand full of art!

Did we mention it takes just 10 seconds per nail?

If you’re ready to get serious about growing your nail salon business, then the Tat’z Imager Nail Printer is the best way to increase revenue and create buzz about your unique business! Call Lisette at 888-978-2590 or email us at customercare@tatznailz.com today!