The process of using Tat’z Nail’z™ is simple and takes just a few steps, beginning with the application of a base coat and pre-print lacquer available from Tat’z Nail’zTM in order to protect the nail’s surface. Next, one finger is placed inside the machine, a design is chosen and printed and a top coat of your choice applied. Tat’z Nail’z™ is a perfect addition to nail salons, beauty parlors, wedding studios, tanning salons, fashion boutiques and beyond. Each system can be purchased for permanent placement with unlimited design potential.

Each Tat’z Nail’z™ image system is also installed with a built-in camera so that users can capture moments and transfer them into wearable art. Showing off personal style and precious memories has never been so easy because Tat’z Nail’z™ gives you expression at your fingertips.

The choices are unlimited. You can upload any image, logo or photo, into the Tat’z Nail’z™ system that you would like to see appear on your nail as art. In addition, each Tat’z Nail’z™ system comes preprogrammed with hundres of designs; each design then has 10 color options for a total of 3,000 different options for prints, patterns, and colors.

Whether your daughter wants a picture of her friend on her nails, you want your company logo on your nails or you want to choose from one of our 3,000 pre loaded designs, the possibilities are endless!