KETV visits Tat’z Nail’z

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Omaha’s KETV Channel 7 visits Tat’z Nail’z

by Shannon Leather, President

Local TV station KETV Channel 7 News visited us here at Tat’z Nail’z to learn more about our machine and how simple and fast it is to get quality nail art!

I chatted with KETV news anchor Chihn Doan about Tat’z Nail’z, the company, the machine, and the nail art behind the Tat’z Imager at our corporate headquarters here in Omaha, Nebraska.

I talked about our recent showcase at Omaha Fashion Week as well as our place there this fall, which shows how much Omaha is up-and-coming in the world of fashion.

Chihn asked me a great question: how did I see the future of Tat’z Nail’z? I explained that up until recently we had a major focus on introducing the Tat’z Imager to nail salons and spas. What has changed is our introduction into the event industry. We are now also working with party planners, those in corporate–anyone who is looking to bring an exciting, unique opportunity to an event or get-together. We even have clients purchasing the Tat’z Imager and turning it into a business–taking the Imager on the road to princess parties, school fundraisers–the possibilities are endless!

After capturing some shots of the Tat’z Imager in action, the KETV crew went to visit our own Buddy Sims at Bella Dea Day Spa as he gave his client Samantha Bussey a #tatzicure using the Tat’z Imager. Samantha chose to use several images–a photo, a yellow ribbon–and Buddy used the Tat’z Imager to capture the photo and logos to print on Samantha’s fingernails.

Samantha said she felt very emotional about the experience.

“I’m still in disbelief in how amazing they are!” she said. “Thank you so much, Buddy Sims! I got these designs in honor of Beverly Anderson–my aunt–and in memory of Dylan Pospisil. Dylan passed away about two years ago at age 4 from brain cancer.” Buddy included a yellow ribbon in honor of child cancer awareness with the picture of Dylan,  and then he added an accent nail of breast cancer awareness for Samantha’s surviving aunt.

It is so humbling to know that this amazing machine can have such an impact on people’s lives–all through the power of nail art!