Tat’z Nailz Revolutionizing The Nail Industry

Missy's Product Review talks about how easy it is to use the nail imager and print anything you want on your own nailz. [ Read More ]

Nebraska companies exhibiting at Consumer Electronics Show

One of Nebraska's most durable retail names is represented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. Fred Schweser, descended from the founder of the 133-year-old regional retail chain, is co-founder and CEO of Fashion Tec USA Inc., a two-year-old Elkhorn company supplying new technology to nail salons. Its Tat'z Nail'z imaging system prints just about anything on fingernails. [ Read More ]

DIY Finger Nail Fashion Printer

Alex Cade of FashionTec USA Inc. presents their tat’z nail’z system for creative finger nail imaging with a cutting-edge way to place art on nails. This state-of-the-art nail system allows women to create their own fashion images and accessorize with custom nails. [ Read More ]

Tat’z Nail’z on Digital Crave

ou’ve probably heard about 3D printers, but have you heard about fingernail art printers? At this year’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES), Tat’z Nail’z demonstrated their machine that combines technology and the popular nail art trend by printing any image you want on your nails, including your own self-portrait. And the machine takes less than 10 seconds to do this per nail. [ Read More ]

The least gadget-y, least “tech guy,” most surprisingly fun find at CES.

The least gadget-y, least "tech guy," most surprisingly fun find at CES. [ Read More ]