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Tat’z Nail’z Promotional Video

Tat'z Nail'z is the newest trend and technology for nail design and nail art. Not only can you put any digital image on your nail at photo quality, but you can do it in less than 10 seconds! [ Read More ]


Though we can potentially cover any state in the United States, our effective coverage varies by the number of tat’z nail’z™ systems in a given area. [ Read More ]

Leasing Q&A

The Tat’z Nail’z™ system is available nearly anywhere, but our availability is subject to the number of interested applicants in an area. For the most current information and offerings, please see our Contact page! Here are some frequently asked questions about our leasing programs. [ Read More ]

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Become a distributor of the Tat’z Nail’z System

If you’re interested in selling Tat’z Nail’z™ imagers, we’d like to hear from you. [ Read More ]