Mobile Nail Printer


Everything You Need to Print Beautiful Artistic Fashion Nails!

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Why It Is Special

Easy to use

Free iOS or Android phone app makes selecting and printing nails easy!


One ink catrridge will print 700 to 800 nails in beautiful high resolution.


Print pictures from your phone or choose from hundreds of pro designs.

Phone App

Fashion Nail App

iOS / Android app wirelessley connects to the nail printer and intelligently paints any fashion style on your nail with one-touch.

Awesome Features

Awesome Experience

Easy to use. Easy to carry. Can be powered by a mobile power supply.

Fast and Simple

25 seconds to colorful nails.

Powered by Mobile App!

FREE iOS & Android Fashion Nail Style Apps provide a simple way to select your design and print your fashion nails.

Perfect Design

Any design on your nail. Choose from hundreds of designs... or upload your own!

Complete Tutorial Guidance

Beginners Guide. Basic Operation Tutorial. Skills Upgrade Tutorial.

Low Cost Per Nail

A single print cartridge prints 700 to 800 high-resolution nail images.

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